Group Term Life insurance for members of the National Association of REALTORS®

Member Benefit Highlights

  • This exclusive NAR member benefit offers specially negotiated Member only rates.
  • Coverages feature a range of coverage amounts to suit your needs and are exclusively priced. Your spouse or domestic partner is also eligible for this coverage.
  • Portability: you can take this coverage with you if you switch your brokerage or job as long as your premiums are paid when due.

REALTORS® Group Term Life Insurance

For members and their spouses or domestic partners ages 20 through 59.

Group Term Life Insurance is built for young families as well as more established couples and individuals. This coverage features flexible coverage levels. This type of coverage can expand to suit your family’s needs as you acquire assets and you grow your business.

REALTORS® Mature Group Term Life Insurance

REALTORS® Mature Group Term Life Insurance

For members and their spouses or domestic partners who are age 60+.

As a real estate professional, you help your clients make big decisions that affect themselves and their families. You help them realize their dreams and the best fit for their circumstances. We have worked hard to do the same for you with this mature life insurance.

REALTORS® Group AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) Insurance

For members and their spouses/domestic partners, and unmarried, dependent children.  Members and their spouse or domestic partner must be between 20 and 60 to apply. Children must be under age 19, or under age 25 if they attend school full-time.

Accidents happen. While it may just be a fender bender or small slip, sometimes unforeseen tragedy can happen. This new insurance protection can give you comfort knowing your loved ones are protected when you may need it most. Featuring a host of benefits to help protect you should you suffer a covered serious injury or help protect your family should a tragic accident occur, AD&D can be an added protection.

Guaranteed Issue REALTORS® Group Term Life Insurance

This offer is available for a limited time as part of your new NAR membership, so don’t delay! To qualify for this offer you must be a first time member, within 180 days of joining NAR and be between the age of 20 through 49  

Apply in minutes for up to $50,000 in coverage


For generations, life insurance has been a trusted way to help protect families from the economic impact of losing a loved one. While nothing can ever fill the emotional void, the death benefit protection of life insurance can help compensate for the resulting loss of income. And because the proceeds are generally passed free from federal income taxes, every penny can be used to meet day-to-day needs. Many families—especially when they are just starting out—don’t have much of a cushion to fall back on if something goes wrong. That’s why the loss of a primary breadwinner can be so difficult to overcome. That’s also why you might want to consider group term life insurance to help safeguard your family’s lifestyle and future (seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor for additional information).


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The NAR sponsored Group Insurance Plans are underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010, under Group Policy No. G-31000-0/1, G-31002-0/1, G-31003-0/1 on Policy Form GMR-FACE. G-31001-0

New York Life is licensed/authorized to transact business in all of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada. Not all group plans it underwrites are available in all jurisdictions. New York life’s state of domicile is New York, and NAIC ID3 is 6691 S.