NOTE: State-based Marketplaces (SBMs) operating their own platform have the opportunity to take similar action within their states (these states include CA, CO, CT, DC, ID, MD, MA, MN, NJ,  NV, NY, PA, RI, VT, WA)

This Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange provides NAR members with access to qualified (ACA) major medical insurance plans.

Through the exchange, you can research health insurance information, obtain quotes, compare plans, and purchase directly online. All of the insurance plans offered in the Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange are Affordable Care Act qualified plans from top-rated insurance carriers.

The Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange provides easy access to ACA-qualified health plans, including:

        • HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization)
        • PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization)
        • High Deductible health plans
        • Health Savings Account qualified high deductible health plans

The Exchange allows you to quickly sort ACA-qualified plans by multiple variables, including carrier, deductible(s), price, types of plans, types of coverage, and more.

Note: With the shifting health insurance landscape and some states only having a few choices for certain types of major medical coverage that meet the mandates of the Affordable Care Act, our team is committed to providing the best and most effective options available per state, regardless of where the national discussion and/or current legislation leads. These include alternative options to ACA plans, such as flexible-term major medical plans (some of which have policy riders allowing them to last up to 364 days); supplemental options such as REALTORS® Core Health Insurance (a limited medical indemnity plan), an accident protection plan, and a telemedicine plan.

Need assistance?

Complimentary consultative services are a key part of the benefits available to you and this service is available year-round. Benefit specialists are available via phone to personally consult and advise you on your individual insurance needs. They can help you navigate the healthcare insurance landscape and identify products and plans that suit the financial considerations and healthcare needs of yourself and your family – whether it’s a traditional plan or other innovative options offered as an alternative or as part of a cost-saving strategy.

Get help today at 1-877-267-3752.

What happens if I miss Open Enrollment?

Outside of Open Enrollment, you may enroll in a major medical health insurance plan only if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. These Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) are based on certain triggering events. Triggering events that permit a Special Enrollment Period include but are not limited to:

  • Marriage or Divorce • Adoption/Placement of Child • Job Loss • Determination that an individual is newly eligible or ineligible for premium tax credits or a change in eligibility for cost-sharing reductions • Permanent move to an area where different QHPs are available

In most cases, your eligibility for a SEP will extend for 60 days from the date of the triggering event.

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, certain states have extended Major Medical and Medicare Open Enrollment periods for residents. Please ask us if this applies to you. We are happy to assist you to learn more about the options available to you in your respective state.